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About Us

When we talk about web performance, we refer to how fast web pages are downloaded and displayed on a user’s web browser, such as Firefox or Safari. When we talk about web performance optimization (WPO), it refers to knowing how to improve a website’s performance in growth and usage. When a website can download faster than other websites, it can attract more visitors who are more likely to revisit that website. It’s particularly useful for those with slow Internet connections or who look up websites on their phones using data that may be limited.

Strong web performance also helps users from bouncing from one website to another, lowering a website’s power consumption. Some aspects, which can affect the speed of a page loading, include browser & server supply, image optimization, and encryption. These things can affect the time it takes for pages to clear up for viewers to see, which is why it’s important for website owners to improve the performance with various techniques that are used by all website owners.